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Get access to state-of-the-art forklift rental Singapore has to offer. United Forklift offers a line of impressive lifting equipment for commercial and industrial use in Singapore. Explore the best line of forklifts from a trusted forklift rental supplier in Singapore.

  • A wide array of forklift equipment
  • Thoroughly maintained & inspected lifting equipment
  • Competitive rental and for sale prices
  • Knowledgeable operators and staff
  • Outstanding service delivery

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Our Forklift Rental Services

Browse United Forklift’s superior line of forklift rental services and make your material handling convenient and efficient

The Highest-Quality of Forklift Rental in Singapore

Material handling is very crucial in certain businesses and industries. When materials and goods are handled properly, business owners and managers can achieve success in operational efficiency and business success. Deadlines will be met and you can lessen the expenses related to replacing damaged goods, materials, and equipment caused inefficient material handling.

Having the sturdiest forklift rental Singapore clients trust would make it possible to achieve improvement in material handling. With trusted lifting equipment, you will be able to move bulk goods and store them accordingly with ease, as well as ensure the safety of your workers in the workplace.

United Forklift: Your Dependable Forklift Supplier in Singapore

We, at United Forklift, are dedicated to bringing the best forklift rental services to level up your trade. Our company started as a small equipment provider that offers forklifts to local communities and clients. We are able to expand our business and reach in the past years while improving our inventory of the best forklift rental Singapore clients know.

Today, we supply the best forklift rental to numerous individual clients, businesses, contractors, and industry leaders – from electric forklifts, telescopic forklifts, and Toyota forklifts. We also invest in different forklift sizes to meet the discerning need of our clients. We offer forklifts in various loading capacities like 3-ton, 5-ton, 10-ton, 15-ton, 20-ton, and 25-ton forklift equipment.

We will continue to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and provide them the lifting equipment they need to manage their material handling needs.

Why United Forklift is Your Contractor of Choice

As a leading forklift rental supplier in Singapore, our goal is simple: to provide our customers and partners with the latest lifts along with outstanding service.  Here are the reasons why we are top contractors:

Expansive inventory

Our growing line of forklift rentals can be used for various lifting and equipment moving purposes. We offer a wide range of forklifts in different capacities – from 3-ton, 5-ton, 10-ton, 15-ton, 20-ton, and 25-ton.

Superior line of forklifts

We provide top-of-the-line forklift rental units Singapore clients use and trust like telescopic forklifts and electric forklifts and it comes with drivers and operators to make your material handling more precise and efficient.

Experienced operators & staff

Our trained and seasoned operators and staff can provide you the assistance you need in choosing your forklifts and operating the ones you already have.

Transparent pricing

We provide clear and no hidden charges costing to clients. What you need on the contract is what you will pay for. No more and no less.

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